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Introducing the First Expert's Growth Guide to Medium

38 Expert Tips for Writers on Medium

Lessons and Exercises from the Top 100 Medium Writers & Stories of All Time

38 Expert Writing Tips for Writers by Dave Schools
30 Expert Writing Tips for Writers by Dave Schools
Chris Spatz, Medium writer

I joined Medium last week. I decided to purchase your e-book and started listening to the audio version on my way to work. This morning I finished my first article incorporating your advice. I posted the article about 6:30am and by 1pm I had an email from Medium that it was selected to be recommended to readers interested in Productivity across their homepage, app, topic page, and emails.
-Chris Schatz Ed.D

Lisa Bonanno, Medium Writer

"Your course is worth much more than you charge."
**-Lisa Bonanno, VP, Marketing / CMO **


Below are screenshots from a student's Medium stats dashboard. Both stories earned over $1,500.

Dave Schools
Dave Schools

Screenshots used with permission from Danny Forest from

Danny Forest, Medium writer

"The course pays for itself in two articles only! There are so many great actionable items that push me to action. I have become a better writer because of the tips Dave mentions. And I love how he's sharing true numbers when it comes to getting paid."
-Danny, Top Medium Writer, 10k+ followers

Michael Leonard, Freelance writer

"I've taken several other courses, coaching, and webinars but this was definitely the most helpful. Dave does a great job showing you what's worked on Medium and the step-by-step process to help you replicate success. Plus, his sections about pitching editors, landing big publications and creating epic headlines are worth the money alone. This guide will show you everything you need to gain a massive following and start making money with Medium."
-Michael Leonard, Freelance blogger

Dave Schools

"This is one of the best guidelines I've come across on writing successfully on Medium."
-George J. Ziogas, Top Medium Writer, 4k+ followers

Dave Schools

About the Instructor

Dave Schools is the founder and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur's Handbook, a top 30 Medium publication with 121k+ followers. Dave has been writing on Medium since the platform opened in 2014 and has gained a following of 20k+ Medium users. A frequent top writer in entrepreneurship, ideas, business, startup, creativity, writing, and self-improvement, Dave's Medium stories have been syndicated by Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, The Next Web, Observer, CNBC, and others. In 2015, Dave wrote the ninth most popular story of the year on Medium which received claps from 12,000+ unique users.

Michael Leonard, Freelance writer

About the Course

Includes an audio version read by the author and bonus video lessons

Each lesson contains a writing tip from case studies, experienced Medium writers, and research analysis based on the top Medium stories.Use your Medium writing skills immediately with the writing exercise provided at the end of each lesson.The course is delivered as a mobile-optimized ebook for easy referencing and an audiobook for learning on the go.

Erica Martin, Medium Writer

"Dave provides some excellent advice and resources to help writers earn more from what they love doing."
-Erica, Medium Writer

Dave Schools

"Unlike most online courses, Dave has been and done what he preaches. He uses his experience as a journalist and writer to help you become a better writer."
-Brandon, Hacker Noon Writer, 1.5k+ followers

Dave Schools

"Very straight to the point, packed with cogent points to further shape the minds of young people like myself who have big dreams and aspirations."
-Akinlade, Medium Writer

One month I had 901 views. The next month I had 94,892 views

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*These results are possible but not guaranteed

I started out with 12 followers on Medium.Now I have over 20k followers and my Medium publication has more than 121k followers. This course contains everything I've learned that has helped me grow an audience on Medium and allowed me to launch a career as an independent writer, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Here's a screenshot of my latest earnings from Medium

38 Expert Writing Tips for Writers by Dave Schools

I put together these tips because I want to help you do the same.

Justyn Warner, Medium writer

"'38 Expert Medium Writing Tips Course' is legit the best course I’ve ever gone through. I can’t stop reading it and I’m only at No.10. I can’t wait to start implementing your lessons and beginning this new journey."
-Justyn Warner, Olympian and abstract painter

Tanner Reklaitis

"I implemented the advice on writing compelling headlines and have seen my open rates on emails increase by about 10%."
-Tanner Reklaitis, Writer


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Lucas La Tour, Two-time startup alum. 7-figure salesman.

"The course is fantastic. Best money I ever spent."
**-Lucas La Tour, 7-figure salesman **

Bonus video content offered with your purchase:

You'll receive free access to the top-rated and bestselling Writing Revenue: Write Well, Get Published, and Earn Money course (reg. $179.99) on Udemy in addition to your own copy of the full 38 Expert Writing Tips for Medium Writers course.

writing revenue course

Tanner Reklaitis

"Dave is a skilled observer, discerning listener and gifted teacher. His writing acumen and practical, concise advice will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals. I would recommend Dave’s coaching without hesitation."
-JC Miller, novelist


Will I become a Top Writer on Medium if I take this course?Short answer: Yes, probably. If you learn the skills, complete the writing exercises, and publish more than 12 times in one tag within 30 days, but still don't earn the Top Writer badge, let me know and I'll refund 100 percent of your money.

Can't I learn all of this for free on Medium already? Why do I need this course?It's true there's a lot you can learn about Medium online, but you'll get a lot of the same, repetitive general advice from solo writers with no real data or little experience. You'll waste time weeding through everybody's content trying to find data-backed, useful, and accurate strategies and tips.This course is the only source of lessons based not only on the top Medium stories of all time, written by the most successful Medium writers, but also the experience of a six-year Medium expert who grew a publication from 0 to 121,000+ followers. You'll learn the strategies used by many top Medium writers, all in one place.

How is this course different from other Medium courses?Medium is a new(ish) platform. There aren't many Medium courses to choose from. But there are a handful. This one is different in four ways:
- Other Medium courses are created by teachers with only a year or two of experience on the platform. This Medium course's instructor is the only instructor with over six years of experience writing and growing a total audience of 140k+ followers on Medium.
- The 38 Expert Medium Writing Tips course is based on a data analysis of the Top Medium Stories of all time and their writers, not just one person's experience (although you get that, too).
- The course is offered at a price point that is affordable and reasonable for writers.
- Presented in a mobile-optimized ebook and audiobook, the course avoids the inefficiency and verbosity of video lectures. Instead, you'll be able to search for answers, refer to key lessons, and navigate quickly within the 189 page resource—all from your mobile device.

Want to see the course outline? Shoot me an email.

Danny Forest, Medium writer

"In the last month, my story views have grown almost 3000%. Dave's writing course has encouraged and equipped me to take writing to a new level. "
-Lachlan Nicolson, Marketer for iFly

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38 Expert Writing Tips for Medium Writers

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38 Expert Tips for Writers on Medium

Lessons and Exercises from the Top 100 Medium Writers & Stories of All Time

The First Expert's Growth Guide to Medium by Dave Schools

Dave Schools


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This session is fully tailored to you, your background, and your goals. After spending some time researching your writing (if you've been writing for a while), the instructor will structure the discussion to apply the lessons and principles in the course to YOUR work specifically—you'll receive specific critiques, encouragements, and challenges that will help you on a path towards the success you're looking for. On the call, the instructor also share more details about professional writing experiences he's had that may help you as well.

Once payment is submitted, Dave will reach out by email to schedule a call with you over Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. If you run into any issues or have a question, feel free to email him directly at [email protected].